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Insulted. Belarus

By City Garage (other events)

14 Dates Through Dec 17, 2023

"Insulted. Belarus" by Andrei Kureichik

A power-hungry authoritarian who will stop at nothing to hang onto power. Accusations of widespread election fraud. Mass protests that turn violent. Sound familiar? Such things used to be unimaginable in the United States. Frighteningly, that’s no longer the case. But can we learn a lesson from what happened in the 2020 election in Belarus? While our would-be dictator fell short, another did not—Alexander Lukashenko. Through brutal repression, mass arrests, torture, and murders of innocent protestors he still has an iron grip on the country. This play, a strong voice in the global fight against autocracy, is the story of a determined, fearless people who are willing to fight for a democratically elected government. Are we soon going to be called on to do the same? City Garage is proud to present the English-language world premiere production of this powerful play.

The author will be with us for the opening weekend performances. There will be a preview with complimentary champagne on Friday, November 17th, an informal buffet for Opening Night, Saturday, November 18th, and a Q & A with him following the Sunday, November 19th performance at 4:00pm. There will also be a Q&A with the cast and crew following the Sunday, December 10th performance at 4:00pm.

Please also join us for a reading of the companion piece to this play, “Voices of the New Belarus,” Thursday, December 7th at 8:00pm. Admission is by donation. All proceeds go to the Viasna Human Rights Center, which is fighting for democracy in Belarus. For more information:

“Wow!...Contemporary theater at its most informative and impactful…A nation’s failed efforts to unseat one of the world’s most reviled dictators comes to stunning, gut-punching life in City Garage Theatre’s English-language World Premiere of Andrei Kureichik’s Insulted….As highly political as it is deeply personal, Insulted. Belarus is contemporary theater at its most informative and impactful. Its English-language premiere does its playwright, City Garage, and the people of Belarus proud."

-Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA 

“Absolutely not to be missed…!!!”

 Edward Goldman, Art Matters

“Top Ten! Recommended!

“A vivid picture of the events leading up to and including the election and the horrific fallout from Lukashenko’s desperate — and merciless — campaign to retain power….Director Frederique Michel keeps the action flowing smoothly, and she unflinchingly serves up violence onstage…. [Juliet] Morrison gives a strong performance in one of the most intriguing roles as a school principal who is completely unapologetic about her manipulating vote counts at her precinct….To borrow from Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman (though the context is much different): “Attention must be paid.” Thankfully, much attention has been paid to Insulted. Belarus.”

G. Bruce Smith, Stage Raw

“Powerful stuff.  And topical.  Performed by one of the best theatre companies in the Los Angeles area.  More, this play works in stirring up emotions.  The performances are all good.  As expected with this company!... a very worthwhile piece of theatre!.... intense and worth the price of a ticket, not least for us to think about nations who are not in the forefront of the news reports right now, but still suffer…. an impactful work of living art, opening one's eyes and heart to the unknown, yet somehow recognizable as absolutely true!” 

David MacDowell Blue, The World Through Night Colored Glasses


“A profound story not solely confined to one country’s plight but emblematic of endeavors to divert the road to unfreedom globally.”

-- Bryan Brown, New Theatre Quarterly

“The most urgent play of the year.”

-- Stijn Devillé, New Urban Theater, Belgium